Wedding cake trend for 2019

Couples are becoming much more courageous when it comes to planning their wedding – and that includes the design of their wedding cake. When couples realise the creative potential to be different with their cake designs and non standard flavours in order to captivate their guests, many will find themselves selecting something that’s beautifully bespoke and unique to them and their special day. Modern couples bet on the quality of the products used.

Metallics have been increasing in popularity since 2018 and I think that this popularity will continue.
Wedding decor trends and wedding cake trends often go hand in hand, and 2019 is no different. Copper and rose gold details are expected to be one of the biggest 2019 wedding trends. It’s safe to say that these metallic hue will also be making an appearance on wedding cakes and dessert tables. I personally love these colours, glow and sparkle.

Currently couples are open to create different textures into their cake designs. We can expect to see a rise in the number of couples choosing to create a delicious cake with a textured surface rather than opting for the more familiar smooth layers. Marble and geometric design will be absolutely must have in 2019.

At Dorota’s Wonder Cakes, based in Scottish Borders we create bespoke, wonderful cake designs which meet your expectations and preferences.

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